Tom MacWright

November 2011

from the Development Seed Flickr

Development Seed hosted a foosball tournament for DCWeek, and my team ‘Foolsball’ - came in approximately third to fourth. Congratulations to the winners, “Backalley FC”.

My band Teen Mom got a spot playing the opening party for DCWeek, and thus got to grab (one half) of the huge stage at the 9:30 Club (for 15 minutes).

CC photo by Frank Gruber

This merited our first, albeit unnamed photos in Brightest Young Things. I did an extremely rough compression of our first single (which is being perfected at The Bastille) - so there’s some online evidence of our existence in audio form.


I swung a quick trip up to Troy, NY for Elusive Persona, an opening by my sister and Carrie Will.


There’s been quite a bit flowing in and out of my Instapaper and Kindle.

November 29, 2011 @tmcw